Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday, April 30th, 6:36 am

It has stopped raining in Shelton but there is some standing water.  The forecast looks like periods of rain throughout the day.  We will be open unless the standing water becomes a significant problem.  The water drains out quickly but it is hard to navigate the Shelton site after a heavy rain due to standing water.  We are open and plan to be open unless we get pouring rains.  Bring your umbrella and maybe even your rain boots if you plan on stopping.  Always feel free to call me or Kelli on our cell phones to check status and we will update here if and when we decide to close for a period of time.  We are covering plants to try and keep them dry but we will make it possible for you to shop by rolling covers when necessary.

The Crete store will be open and may run remotely, so there may not be a live, breathing person in person.  If you don't mind talking to someone on a computer, stop on down.

Aurora is open as usual.

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