Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Tuesday May 3rd, 2022 6:42 AM

We are open today.  A late start: should be uncovered and open by 10:00 AM. I promise folks, we are trying as hard as we can to stay open.  We had two inches of very wet heavy snow yesterday afternoon about 3:00 PM.  I had moved and covered all product so this morning we need move and uncover all product.  It does take us some time to get it all done.  


Monday, May 2, 2022

Monday May 2nd, 7:53 AM

Steady rain here in Shelton.  We will be closed until the rain stops.  Not sure I can remember a year where we have closed as much as 2022.  Again, if it stops raining, we will open. I will update on this blog when we open

Sunday, May 1, 2022

May 2nd, 2022 6:00 AM

The plan is to be open all day on Monday May 2nd despite the rain.  We will update if it pours rain.  We may close for an hour or two during heavy rain but will open immediately after it quits.

May 1st, 2022 8:15 AM



Saturday, April 30, 2022

April 30th, 11:36 AM


Nothing worse than closing the Saturday before Mother's Day.  We will be closed all day today on Saturday April 30th.  We will open tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM.  The wind is blowing so hard it is dangerous to be here.  The safety of our shopper and our employees is paramount.  Maintaining the quality of our product is also important to us.  There will be better weather days and hope to see you then.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

We have fared better than Andover, KS so there are things to be grateful for!


April 30th, 6:47 AM

 Tough decisions.  We are closed until noon today.  At noon we will reassess the weather conditions and decide if we will open for the balance of the day.  We apologize for any inconvenience and want you to know why we have made this decision.

1.  We must protect our product from 50 mph winds.  It beats it to crap and it's one week before Mother's Day.  We must protect the quality of our crop.

2.  We need to stock product to the highway.  I don't pay kids enough money to ride on a tractor, in the rain, in 50 mph winds.  I would never expect them to do that for me.  If I was 16 and the boss told me we're going to get soaking wet and then drive down the road on a cab less tractor in 50 mph winds, I'd tell him to go pound sand.  I want to keep the kids that work for me healthy.  Don't need no sickness!

3.  If we move product in this wind, it breaks the zip ties that hold our tags on.  We lose our pricing pricing.

We will update this blog at 11:45 today to state our intentions for afternoon.

This has been a tough year.  I'm going home and plant melons, squash, and cucumbers and hope that we will have better days in the very near future.  We are pleased that it rained!